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" Your life is your story and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfil your own purpose
    and potential."
-  Kerry Washington

First day of summer.

Back in march I shared with you my attempt at gardening! Of which I'm happy to say I'm enjoying very much!
I had a bunch of beautiful long stem red roses, and when the roses were past there sell by date and added to the mulch bin I decided kept one stem, Of which I unceremoniously planted into my plant pot, I had to share as I'm delighted and amazed at this little stems progress!  


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
- Socrates
One  tries ones best .
- Teresa

Upcycled Rustic furniture

I'm always astonished by the wonder of transformation, in all things actually!
But for now I wanted to share with you some photos I remembered to take of my latest find, This truly lovely and chunky table & chairs set, A characterful quality piece. The question I asked myself, How did I want to proceed? Taking on board I always try to
keep the natural environment in mind when thinking of new creative ideas for my furniture, I wanted to keep the look as natural as possible, I myself love the natural rustic look ( I also have to say lots of other design periods too, new & old but unfortunately we can't fit them all into our houses! ) I wanted to create a fresh airy natural style with this set while conserving it's beauty, 
In doing so I decided to sand off all the old varnish back to basic wood and applied a natural Matt wax finish, All the while keeping in mind how I always like to mix it up slightly! I decided to paint the chairs and base of the table in a gentle natural colour from the superb range at Farrow & Ball I choose 'Pavilion grey' Mixed with leafy green and white florals from Prestigious textiles I think the overall look works, keeping it chic but not too shabby. 


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Upcycled furniture

I love this little magazine/coffee table it is one of my favourites, absolutely no way this was going to the dump! Far to much potential. 

Decoupage black & white pictures beautiful vintage vogue models, finished with a glass top. Tà dah

For sale ££ and in my eBay shop now! or please do email me I'm happy to answer any questions  you may have. 

Quote of the week;

    Let  no  one  enter your  kingdom  unless  they  come  with LOVE

Upcycled Bedroom Furniture


A Vintage Dressing Table.

Last week I finished work on my latest
project, the cute  late 1960s early 70s dressing table. It never seizes to amaze me with a little imagination and some  creative thought you can transform what was considered to be past it's sell by date, old fashioned and unwanted into a little piece of art! Given some thought you can turn old unwanted items into something beautiful again, ready to be reused and loved once more, By renewing and reusing we can keep these older pieces of furniture in circulation along with it the superior craftsmanship that went into making them, at the same time helping our environment by keeping waste to a minimum. 

Here are some of the before & after pictures along with the finished piece.
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