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Quote of the week:

" Respect your efforts, respect yourself.
Self-respect leads to self - discipline.
When you have both firmly under your
belt, that's real power."
- Clint Eastwood

Upcycling; Corner Dresser

Here's my latest project completed.

I just so adore this cupboard now! I have to say
it does look so pretty and also very practical,
the vintage wallpaper I found turned out a treat
I decorated it inside and out using the paper
and decoupage.

  Before & After 

Ta'Dah ! 

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Upcycling & Colour

I would so adore to incorporate these stunning
fabrics into my pieces but they are a little on
the expensive side so I will be sourcing some
similar alternatives for my next projects.

I'm on the look out for dining tables and chairs
that I can transform with some delicious colours
and fabrics.

I think we all need a good looking dining set to
get cosy around with family and friends
especially so at Christmas time! So think ahead,
get prepared and make a decision on how you can
create a beautiful looking dining area starting
with a unique statement piece of furniture!
A colourful characterful piece makes a interesting
focal point and a great talking point.
Alternatively you may just want to re-vamp
and renew your existing set? Especially so, if its
still in pretty good condition. My advice would be to have a think about it before you throw your piece of furniture 
away, all it may need is a bright cheery makeover! 
Think about getting acquainted with colour. Build
up a mood board of your own - with colour swatches,
wallpaper cuttings, old vintage pictures and your
favourite flowers. Discover what colour excites you
and makes you feel good. There is a fantastic wealth
of colours out there and we are spoilt for choice. So
why live in dull space?  Bring your home alive with some colour!
Have a look at these:
Little green/ paints & wallpapers
Annie sloan - chalk paints
Autentico - chalk paints
( both of these require minimum prep)
Farrow & Ball
or you can try the mixing & matching service
How about these lush cushions
for some inspiration! 
To be found @johnlewis 

For that  furniture makeover do
Email me. 


Lets talk about blue...

For me, Blue has always been a favourite, anything
from the deep blues like indigo to the soft gentle blues
like Pavilion blue at Farrow & Ball,
There is such a wide spectrum of tones to choose from,
You only have to observe nature itself to appreciate the
depths of colour! The ever changing shades of the sky from
midnight blue to the brightest blue of a summer sky! down to the glorious  morning sky!
Also, We can surely  appreciate the tones and depths of
the ocean, Especially so the beautiful Mediterranean
sea the sheer beauty of azure like the sky sparkles
like jewels - the colour of sapphires.
I feel blue is a tranquil relaxing colour, Blue
is like being wrapped in the arms of nature,
Like green blue is all around us without realizing
it we enjoy these colours every day.
Colour always inspire me when I'm making
choices on my next project- so much choice! 
why not consider incorporating colour into our home
furniture and furnishings,
Let's remember too that blue reduces stress and can create
a sense of calm so overall a good positive colour
to have at home. 

 Not forgetting the psychology behind azure blue. 
Azure blue is regarded as the colour of true contentment it inspires determination and ambition! Azure blue has a sense of purpose in striving for goals, so a great colour for
 clarity, good to have at home or the work place!

Shades of blue from Farrow & Ball
colour chart. 
Paints that I use regularly.

If you like you can visit my 'Pinterest'
Bowiebelle vintage & upcycled furniure
' Fiffy shades of blue '  


' When I choose a colour it is not because of any scientific theory.
It comes from observation, from feeling, from the innermost nature of the experience in question .'
- Henri Matisse

The beautiful contrasting colours of
nature, inspires and uplifts the soul. 

Try applying some positive colours to
your home - Colour can enhance any room creating a feel  good factor by bringing the beauty outside inside.


I thought I would share with you my beautiful find!
I fell in love with this cushion instantly, gosh how
I love it! luxury filled! beautiful flowers and all pink!
I cant help myself but I love pink, it is and I'm not
ashamed to say one of my favourite colours.
Psychologically it has to mean my compassionate and kind
nature shinning through! Haha 
But actually in psychology 'Pink'
is a sign of hope, inspiration, warmth and empathy. It calms, reassures and can have a calming effect on the nerves
signifying good health and well being.
so a little pink here and there can only be good.

But there are so  many stunning textiles and colours out there
just fires me up. I feel excited and inspired!
Colour bring it on.
We spent an afternoon rummaging  through the 'Packhorse'
Farnham, A huge barn stuffed full of beautiful things not to 
mention the delicious food!

Quote of the week:

My mission in life is not merely to survive,
but to thrive; and to do so with some passion,
some compassion, some humour, and some style,"