BowieBelle Vintage & Upcycled Furniture

Turning old and unwanted furniture into something beautiful and unique.
Upcycled and creatively restored pieces at affordable prices.

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I am adding new items weekly and busy working away on lovely new pieces to add to the BowieBelle collection,
so please do keep checking back to see what's new!

Upcycled furniture

I love this little magazine/coffee table it is one of my favourites, absolutely no way this was going to the dump! Far to much potential. 

Decoupage black & white pictures beautiful vintage vogue models, finished with a glass top. Tà dah

For sale ££ and in my eBay shop now! or please do email me I'm happy to answer any questions  you may have. 

Quote of the week;

    Let  no  one  enter your  kingdom  unless  they  come  with LOVE

Upcycled Bedroom Furniture


A Vintage Dressing Table.

Last week I finished work on my latest
project, the cute  late 1960s early 70s dressing table. It never seizes to amaze me with a little imagination and some  creative thought you can transform what was considered to be past it's sell by date, old fashioned and unwanted into a little piece of art! Given some thought you can turn old unwanted items into something beautiful again, ready to be reused and loved once more, By renewing and reusing we can keep these older pieces of furniture in circulation along with it the superior craftsmanship that went into making them, at the same time helping our environment by keeping waste to a minimum. 

Here are some of the before & after pictures along with the finished piece.
All items are for sale do email me or 
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Upcycled Industrial vintage furniture


   Filing cabinet:

 Desk: SOLD

One of my great finds recently has been the industrial items especially the desk and filing cabinet, I couldn't believe these fantastic pieces were going to the dump! Yep you heard me! 
I haven't come across too many of these pieces of furniture
 before and I LOVED them! 
Of course I would love to get my hands on more of these fantastic  pieces but for now I'm jolly happy to have them in my
 bowiebelle collection.
In the right setting industrial furniture
is extremely stylish always chic and very popular, whether your style is minimalistic or you just want to add some character to your home it will always have the 'wow' factor.
I feel we should really appreciate these unique pieces of Industrial furniture especially the vintage pieces with the solid 
  rustic wood and the simplicity of
polished metals.

I may yet update the filing cabinet using 
decoupage with funky London Town paper like the one 

Quote of the week

 " Let us be grateful to people who 
    make us happy; they are the charming  
   gardeners who make our souls blossom. "

                  - Marcel Proust 

Upcycled furniture

This vintage beauty has now SOLD.
A very lovely gentleman customer came along to buy it as a birthday  present for his girlfriend, I'm delighted to report that he was very happy with it.  As a seller it's makes my job all the more worthwhile to know my Items are going to good home.
I am currently working on a similar but smaller vintage dressing table also early 1970s style. It is a bit battered and will need some TLC.
 This time around I'm going to go with a pink theme.
We all love a before picture.. so here they are!

I will be using decoupage with pink
wallpaper from the beautifully bright 
and funky Habitat range the rolls of wallpaper caught my eye on a shopping venture and I instantly thought retro vibes! 
So reminded me of the wallpaper in my bedroom back in the day! 

Quote of the week:

My soul recognies your soul.
I honour the Love.  Light.  Beauty.  Truth and kindness
within you because it is also within me.
In sharing these things there is no distance and no
difference between us.
We are the same we are one.