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Quote of the week

" Promise me you will not spend so much time
treading water and trying to keep your head 
above the waves that you forget,  truly forget, 
how much you have always loved to swim "
-       Tyler Knott Gregson

First day of spring!

" I don't know about your garden but mine this springtime is barely coming back to life! but I am blown away by the magic of nature and its ability to renew itself. I planted one dying rose stem actually not so much planted but stuck it in the plant pot curious too see if it would grow, and not having very high expectations as an experienced gardener I am not! But now to my amazement tiny shoots are blooming! I'm so excited to see what happens next..


welcome first day of spring!
Celebrate the day and weeks to come with
glorious spring colours, its time to blow
away the cobwebs of the mind and home and refresh
Creating small changes too your home decor helps
to lift the spirits.
Incorporating natures greens at home helps
to create a restful place a sanctuary away
from the stresses of the day, Green is at one
with nature the colour of balance harmony
renewing and energising.
I think we all love a touch of green
it reminds us of the beautiful outdoors.
Here is a small selection I found on the
high street.  

Freshen up brighten up! with cool colour palettes with a touch of
nature here and there, Greens Yellows Whites so many shades and
tones to choose from you'll be sure to find a colour scheme that
works for your personal taste.

Here is my finished cupboard that I was working
on last week renewed from boring brown to bright
and breezy.

Beautiful back drop of wallpaper designs from the Designersguild
works beautifully but with so  many more designs on the high street you have
all you need to make those changes.


Beautiful Yellows 
Top: Homebase stores 
Below:  Laura Ashley 

4ft6 Painted double bed frame

Here is my completed chic but 'not to shabby' bed frame
a Individual piece hand painted in sunny yellow and very slightly
distressed with a touch of grey in the panels which I feel compliments the yellow perfectly and Comes with its fixtures
A Lovely statement piece for your home or holiday home.
TO compliment the look add fresh crisp linens.

completed and for sale in my ebay shop


Ucycled Bedroom Decor - Colour!

Up and coming soon I have not one but two bedframes to upcycle or in this instanceit's what I'm going to call a luxecycle!
I've decided to go a little out there regarding colour! and create an Individual look in a fresh and sunny colour that will brighten up you home or beach retreat!
A bed  you won't find on your high street!.
Inspired by springtime and the glorious Colours nature springs up all around us at this time of year,
I've decided to use yellow as I think it will make a great focal point in your bedroom. With a neutral white background and crisp white bed linens or perhaps you may prefer to mix it up with a touch of grey its sure to create a stunning Individual look.
I am really interested in colour psychology and how colour effects our moods and temperament. Its an interesting fact how we all have
our own favourite colours whether at home or on deciding what to wear.
Yellow is creative from a mental aspect, it is the colour of new ideas helping us find new ways of doing things, yellow is the practical thinker not the dreamer. The colour yellow is uplifting and illuminating offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. Yellow is the best colour to
create enthusiasm for life and can awaken greater confidence and optimism.
 why wouldn't we incorporate in our interiors.

Here's a sneak peek!
Hoping to have this finished by the end of February.


Vintage Bedroon Decor

Lovely old style dressing table
Circa: 1940 - 50s
 A bow frontage designed dresser
with a set of three central drawers and two cupboards,
the dresser comes with a very beautiful large mirror
which I have to say as with all vintage items has acquired a few age spots but I feel this adds to its charm & character and does not spoil its beauty in any way, as with all vintage items its had its knocks and bumps- but hey that's why we love them.
In the end I did decide to replace the
 drawer knobs with a very lovely set from
 'Knobbles & Bobbles'
Available to buy now in my ebay shop.
PRICE: £122.00

Quote of the week:

Everybody is a genius.
But if you judge a fish by its ability
to climb a tree, it will live its whole
life believing that it is stupid.
- Albert Einstein

Upcycling: Bedroom decor

This week I will be making the finishing touches to the 1940's bedroom dresser I have been working on. I decided to use the Autentico paints and have opted for 'Pebbles' a extremely  pale grey in fact quite the colour of very pale pebbles! I don't know why that surprises me only I was expecting the paint to be a little more on the grey side. I'm quite new to the full range of colours at Autentico but still having said that I'm very happy with the overall finish. Pebbles is very neutral relaxing colour that will fit into any colour scheme so all's good. 
Now for a splash of colour! I have painted inside the drawers using Autentico again using 'Antique Turquoise' this colour I have used before and I love it. Here's a little sneak peek!

Having removed all the hardware I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep the original drawer pulls or replace them but as they are quite
large and weeny bit unattractive I'm thinking to replace, with my past pieces I would normally either re- paint and revamp! as I really don't see the need to be wasteful plus I do find the old vintage drawer pulls so very ornate and so beautiful.
But this time I'm thinking to revamp some old ones and see what happens ...