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Autumn and Glorious Colour!

Glorious autumn is a celebration of colour to
embrace. From stunning golden sunsets and rich red skies there's an abundance of colour surrounding 
us every day - from the glorious golden shades of
yellow to orange reds and russets into dark aubergine-
 the leaves that turn into many shades of green.
We often forget what a truly beautiful season Autumn
really is. Try Inviting some spicy warm colours into your home and let it glow with warmth.
Whether that's with accessories such as cushions
- throws - lampshades or just candles its the small subtle changes in d├ęcor
that can make a difference to a room and give a it lovely
cosy feel.

Greens always easy on the eye.
Versatile peaceful green.


Stunning lively orange! Radiates warmth 
and happiness a social inviting colour
It is both physically and mentally 
stimulating so it gets people family 
and friends talking! so perfect idea to
have the colour orange around a table maybe a chair or two!
or just that lovely glow of orange candles. It is a happy
enthusiastic colour with a zest for life. 

Upcycled Bedroom furniture- vintage wardrobe

For those of you who read my last upcycled post on repurposing this 
ever so fabulous vintage wardrobe! Here is the completed piece. Ta'Dah!
Finished in a classic shabby chic style. 
This colour is one of my favourites 'Paris grey' I think this colour works so well on larger pieces of furniture, I feel it can give some items of furniture that french provincial feel. 
A touch of gold leaf on the motif at the very top adds a little bit of glamour and ties in nicely with the gold coloured drawer 


  A gold leaf crown.


Interior bottom drawer is painted in bold

Apologies for my poor photos especially 

this whole piece - The wardrobe is solid
oak and quite heavy! I needed some muscle to help me lift it out of my workshop/ shed and only managed to take some photos outside. 
So no fancy photo shoot with this one ; )
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Quote of the week:

I love this photograph it makes me feel so
peaceful. It was taken at sunrise by my daughter on her
journey home from the beautiful Island of Paxos.
The colours here are stunning! Nature in all it's 
Magical splendor.

UPCYCLING: Bedroom furniture

Coming soon - Vintage Wardrobe

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on this
stunning vintage wardrobe.
This lovely piece came to me via my son
and pals who happened to be making a delivery into london and discovered 
the previous owner was actually on route to the tip with it!
fortunately for me they rescued it 
and brought it home to me. Yay!
 I have to say it feels like this piece
has taken me so long to complete-
its been three weeks now  but I'm
happy to say I'm almost there just finishing off with Annie Sloan wax.

When I'm working with Annie Sloan paint before I get started I usually pour
some into a old jam jar ( keep the lids) and add a little water I find it glides
on nicely but it also thickens up as you go along also this way its less messy
and you only use what you need - I finish up with a thicker top coat 
I find this gives you a smoother finish if that's what your working towards
with this piece I wanted to achieve a smooth finish- not to shabby.
On a normal day if I'm focused it would usually take me a week to
complete - obviously depending on the condition and size of the furniture but
  I have been distracted with some shopping - of the furniture kind,
so on the positive side I have a couple of  lovely items to get working
on soon : - ) 
The wardrobe needed some fixing up nothing too major it did
have a pretty vintage fabric pinned onto the inside back panel
which unfortunately didn't wash up well enough to keep and
maybe replace.
 A good old wash down with sugar soap and  I got started. 

For this wardrobe I decided on the fabulous Annie Sloan chalk paint and
chose  'Paris grey' one of my favourites . For the interior I will be adding
a little pops of colour! and pretty 
gold leaf to the mouldings.


Quote of the week:

" Respect your efforts, respect yourself.
Self-respect leads to self - discipline.
When you have both firmly under your
belt, that's real power."
- Clint Eastwood

Upcycling; Corner Dresser

Here's my latest project completed.

I just so adore this cupboard now! I have to say
it does look so pretty and also very practical,
the vintage wallpaper I found turned out a treat
I decorated it inside and out using the paper
and decoupage.

  Before & After 

Ta'Dah ! 

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Upcycling & Colour

I would so adore to incorporate these stunning
fabrics into my pieces but they are a little on
the expensive side so I will be sourcing some
similar alternatives for my next projects.

I'm on the look out for dining tables and chairs
that I can transform with some delicious colours
and fabrics.

I think we all need a good looking dining set to
get cosy around with family and friends
especially so at Christmas time! So think ahead,
get prepared and make a decision on how you can
create a beautiful looking dining area starting
with a unique statement piece of furniture!
A colourful characterful piece makes a interesting
focal point and a great talking point.
Alternatively you may just want to re-vamp
and renew your existing set? Especially so, if its
still in pretty good condition. My advice would be to have a think about it before you throw your piece of furniture 
away, all it may need is a bright cheery makeover! 
Think about getting acquainted with colour. Build
up a mood board of your own - with colour swatches,
wallpaper cuttings, old vintage pictures and your
favourite flowers. Discover what colour excites you
and makes you feel good. There is a fantastic wealth
of colours out there and we are spoilt for choice. So
why live in dull space?  Bring your home alive with some colour!
Have a look at these:
Little green/ paints & wallpapers
Annie sloan - chalk paints
Autentico - chalk paints
( both of these require minimum prep)
Farrow & Ball
or you can try the mixing & matching service
How about these lush cushions
for some inspiration! 
To be found @johnlewis 

For that  furniture makeover do
Email me.