BowieBelle Vintage & Upcycled Furniture

Turning old and unwanted furniture into something beautiful and unique.
Upcycled and creatively restored pieces at affordable prices.

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I am adding new items weekly and busy working away on lovely new pieces to add to the BowieBelle collection, so please do keep checking back to see what's new!

Quote of the week.

" It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams
because they grow old, they grow old because
they stop pursuing dreams. "

Gabriel Garcia

Circa; 1875

A lovely sketch of the Hepplewhite shield back chair from the late 19th century.

Coming soon

My project this week; I will be working on
a superb Dining table and six chairs.
The design of the chairs are Prince of Wales also I find the set to be a superior 
quality piece of craftsmanship.
I have  carefully chosen a colour scheme based on bright bold sunny colours having been inspired by all the beautiful colours of nature during springtime.

Sneak preview before pictures.


I'm taking inspiration from all the colours
of nature and incorporating these
glorious bright bold and sunny colours
into my next project.

Quote of the week

" Never let the things you want make
you forget the things you have "


I'm loving all the Fauna & Flora the
goddness of flowers. Nature is quite
breathtaking,  We are Inspired with
an abundance of colour and beauty.
and I believe in preserving our planet,
we try to do our part to conserve by
recycling re- using and renewing.

Quote of the Week

" When we long for a life without difficulties , remind us that Oaks 
grow strong in contrary winds and
Diamonds are made under pressure"

Peter Marshall