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Here are some of the Upcycling projects I will be working on over the next few weeks.
    Vintage Dressing Table, comes with
    a beautiful large vintage mirror.
    The dressing table itself is in need
     of a complete make over as there 
      are a few marks and scratches
      that are to be expected with a
     Piece  of furniture that has been  used over many years, small imperfections -but that's why we love them.

   Upcycling furniture gives you an
   alternative to the mundane produced
   pieces while adding a special touch
   to your home.
   Display cabinet.
   Elegant, Rustic, Shabbychic haven't 
   decided yet!  keep it neutral or go for
   the more elaborate design? 

Living room furniture Antique chairs

 I'm all for embracing the new!
 but I would like to share a brief 
 chair history with you. 
 I found this charming little sketch 
  book, from 1937.

  The chairs here are from the Victorian
  and Regency era and are all designs
  we can still use today, I know I do.
  The Windsor chairs are one of the most 
  Robust and typically victorian with the 
  bulbous turned legs and double-cross
  stretcher stamp.
  The Windsor chairs were generally used 
  in the kitchen and often painted in dark
  green or black! Very purposeful.
  The simple fan back Windsor usually
 have flat seats and were usually made 
with elm or beech wood, these design variants have been with us ever since.

Quote of the week:

"To  see a world in a grain of 
 sand  And heaven in a wild  flower,
 Hold infinity in the palm of your
  hand and eternity in an hour"
   -William Blake

Home Decor

How refreshing that in the mist of the winter months we can cheer ourselves 
up with the beautiful winter flowers that
are still around, Such vibrant stunning colours they capture my imagination
and inspire me. 
Such warm lush colours, from the rich
berries to plums and purples.
These colours really do inspire us all
In homedecor and furnishings to
the clothes and make-up we wear.
Personally I have to say I have bought 
myself a new lipstick ' lush life' by Mac
just to brighten me up!

Then we have the tranquil and uplifting shades of green that brings us
back to appreciate nature it lifts the soul and calms the mind. 
As we move forward to spring I may possibly use shades of green paint in furniture or possibly paint a statement piece or I may find myself upholstering seats with green in mind! We will have to see what grabs my attention in the fabric world. 

Ahhh and then we have lovely pinks! what a great cheery colour to brighten up your winter months. You can always add pops of pink when dressing your home.

Merry Christmas

Come, they told me pa- ram - pam -pam
A new born king to see. our finest gifts
we bring, Peace in earth can it be?
years from now perhaps, we'll see 
see the day of glory see the day when
men of good will live in peace, Live in
peace again. Peace on earth can it be?
Every child must be made aware 
Every child must be made to care,
care enough for his fellow man, to 
give all the love that he can. I pray 
my wish will come true for my child
and your child to. 
He'll  see the day of glory see the day when men of good will live in peace, live in peace again. 
Peace on earth can it be..
Pa - ram - pam - pam Pa - ram pam -pam. 
Merry Christmas much joy and
happiness to you.