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Pink Rose Quartz

18th January 2016
#furniture #rosequartz #pink

" Hope " is the thing with feathers - that perches in the soul - and sings the tune without words - and never stops- at -all-
and sweetest - in the gale -is heard and sore must be the storm-
that could abash the little bird that kept so many warm - 
I've heard it in the chillest land- and on the strongest sea - yet, never, in extremity, if asked a crumb - of me.

- Emily Dickinson

The Colour pink is a sign of 'Hope' it inspires warm and comforting feelings - pink radiates out compassion, understanding and  love into the world with its pure energy Pink can help to calm us and our emotions helping to  lift us out of our negative thought patterns  it wraps us up like a cosy blanket in a nurturing way to remind ourselves we too need love for ourselves, and others to be kinder to ourselves and others to appreciate the sensitive side we all have. Pink is seen as a loving healing colour sending positive vibes for peace and calm quite a useful colour to have around in this chaotic world we live in!

The crystal Rose quartz opens the heart to all types of love - love to self -love of family -love of friends - romantic love, if your going to chose pink in some small way crystals are good to have around. lets not dismiss pink as a weak girly colour it has many positive benefits. I wouldn't suggest you surround your  home or yourself in pink but just to be aware of the goodness and calm it can bring into your world, a little piece of pink fancy never did anyone any harm.

Happy ways to use pink -

Clothes - lingerie - Jewellery. 
Decorate with it - Cushions - rugs- wallpaper- lamps.
Paint with it - Feature walls - furniture- Exterior doors staircase!
Plant it - Pretty bulbs for spring - rose bushes or just stunning
floral displays for your home are sure to lift the spirits!

This stunning display is quite inspiring and with some practice
could be replicated at home!
Image is taken from 'Tulipina' you can find this amazing floral artist-
on Instagram, why not follow for some stunning ideas and inspiration, she also runs fabulous workshops if your into traveling this is a good one ; ) @tulipinadesign 

There is also a whole world of lush stunning home accessories -fabrics - wallpaper's and furniture out there to be explored. Here I've posted just a few ideas ..

Wallpaper all from the superb range @Clarke&Clarke Design above ^ 'Catilin'
It is a little more pink in the flesh! apologies.

Cushion below from John Lewis department store.
but it would be a great thing to shop at one of the many 
small online retailers out there who all make such beautiful 
home accessories.
A couple favourites of mine are-

Pink also goes very nicely with the colour grey any shade of grey looks fabulous in my book, I personally love grey and pink together its a stunning combination.

                     Upcycling corner cupboard

                     Three panels at the front & two interior 
                     shelves with a mirror back.
                     Height: 180 cm - Width: 54cm

Lastly my vintage upcycled cupboard that I have decorated with vintage pink roses a very useful and pretty piece to have in a bathroom perfect for all those toiletries - products and towels, but honestly would look great in any room to store all your bits and pieces. your find this on one of my Previous pages.

Happy to say this pretty cupboard has now SOLD.

I'm sure it will look perfectly stunning in its new home
Many Thanks to my lovely customer Catherine and her 
pretty little girl.  

Quote of the week.

7th January 2016

" I don't follow fashion and I don't follow trends, I just follow my Instincts and think what do I want to wear? what am I feeling for the next season "

- Victoria Beckham

A women after my own heart and I couldn't agree more. fashion, design, art all things creative comes from the heart of us, I think it's our very own view on the world and the way we see it that makes us all so special, we are all Individuals with a a passion to share. The trick is to believe in yourself trust your Instincts and go with it. 
- Teresa

Upcycled 2016 New year

5th January 2016.

I'm happy to say for me the end of 2015 has  proved to be quite a successful one, I have in fact sold most of my stock!  I am happily surprised  as I must be doing something right, a few Items I could 
have easily sold ten times over as I had lots of requests for similar pieces, the unfortunate thing of being a one women show is the fact I can't work fast enough! I do like to take time and care over each item producing Individual quality pieces. I am most grateful to all my wonderful customers you're amazing and your contribution to the environment is appreciated. For me its most rewarding seeing my upcycled pieces in there new homes to have these once discarded pieces of furniture re-loved and re-used is pretty cool.
Now selling on Etsy.

I will be out and about soon looking for new pieces, this is always an exciting time as I never know what I may end up working on! But one of my first priorities for 2016 will be my shed my workshop- where I do most of my work, it has had a bit of a battering with the wind and rain this season and needs attention, a new roof to be specific could do without the headache but these challenges are sent to try us.

5th January 2016


This snowy scene was taken by my youngest daughter exactly this day last year on her return to school after the Christmas holidays, 5th Jan 2015. A total contrast to the weather this new year 2016. In our part of the world in Epsom Surrey its pretty mild and the sun has been shinning you would think spring was just around the corner
when in fact we are in mid winter!

I think we can safely say regarding our weather that it cannot be controlled or predicted, in fact the weather should be respected as a force greater than us. We as humans seem to want to control most things the environment - the world - people, hopefully we will begin to appreciate this beautiful planet we inhabit and the people living on it. Nature must in all its forms must be respected.

Quote 2015

 Moving  forward to 2016 remember..

"Have patience with all things but first with yourself. Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being.
You're perfectly valuable, creative, worthwhile person simply
because you exist, And no amount of triumphs and tribulations
can ever change that.
Unconditional self-acceptance is the core of a peaceful mind."

- saint francis sales

Lastly.. Thanks to all you lovely people everywhere who take the time to pop by and view my blog I'm so appreciative. I like to wish you all 'Happy holidays' and a peaceful blessed Christmas time. May your heart be light.

Oh Christmas tree! upcycled.

With Christmas quickly approaching you'll soon be dressing your tree,
Here's a small collection of pretty Imaginative Christmas trees I have found on Pinterest and the web. I think there really fab and shout creative ability I  wanted to share these images with you guys.



And for that stunning vintage party dress- something like this
prehaps? This gorgeous vintage dress is, but not surprisingly sold out! You'll find lots of other pretty vintage dress'es available. @xtabayvintage 

Upcycling: A little touch of Violet

My last table of 2015 and I chose a stunning Violet! I love this colour purple from the amazing Annie Sloan chalk paints a little dramatic but equally stunning it completely transforms this item from a  previously  a boring dull looking desk, the added decoupaged
purple flower roses adds to its glamours 
overall look, quite lush. 
I think this table / desk would make a beautiful statement piece in your home.  

I'm. so impressed with the way these two shades of colour compliment each 
other so beautifully. We only have to look at the great outdoors to realise nature has it all figured out, so inspiring. 

Can either be used as a stunning work
space or a pretty funky table for two.

I have also made some complimenting table 
mats from old wood cut offs I think they look pretty fabulous and such a good way to use up all those unwanted pieces. ( apologies for the lighting they are actually wee bit brighter ) 

Ta'dah !